Welcome to Sandstones-Piskovce website. Sandstones-Piskovce is three-days long orienteering competition in the surroundings of Doksy, the competition centre of World Orienteering Championships 2021.


5. 7. 2022

Photos from organizers are available at zonerama.

4. 7. 2022

Sandstones are unfortunately over, but I hope we can all agree that it was successful event. We want to congratulate all medal-winners and thank all competitors for attendance. And we look forward to Sandstones-Pískovce 2024. Any photos taken will be published as soon as possible.

27. 6. 2022

Bulletin 2 available on this page and on oris. ATTENTION: Several changes were made compared to Bulletin 1.

23. 6. 2022

Startlists are now available.

17. 6. 2022

Categories merged, course parameters: With regard to the number of registered competitors the subcategories H18A and H18B, H35A and H35B, H40A and H40B, H55A and H55B, H60A and H60B, H65A and H65B, D18A and D18B, D55A and D55B were merged. Due to minimal interest the H / D20A, B categories were canceled and competitors were transferred to the relevant subcategories H / D21.
Course parameters were published on Bulletins page.

14. 6. 2022

Change in E1 start time: The 00 start time on E1 on Friday 1. 7. 2022 will be moved to 16:00!

26. 4. 2022

Change in punching method: SI units WILL be set in BEACON non-contact mode.

1. 3. 2022

Photos from competition area and map examples were added to Terrain/Photos section

11. 2. 2022

Competition webpage has been started.

Entries trough oris will be opened on Monday 14. 2. 2022.