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Sandstones | Pískovce 2020

3-day orienteering event

DATE: 31st July – 2nd August 2020

ORGANISER: Orienteering club Doksy, z.s.

REGISTRATION (event centre): Parking lot Campsite Borný; 50.5934492N, 14.6514414E


H (M)

-10; -12A,B; -14A,B; -16A,B; -18A,B; -20A,B; 21E,A,B,C; 35-A,B; 40-A,B; 45-A,B; 50-A,B; 55-A,B; 60-A,B; 65-A,B; 70-; 75-; 80-;

D (W)

-10; -12A,B; -14A,B; -16A,B; -18A,B; -20A,B; 21E,A,B,C; 35-A,B; 40-A,B; 45-A,B; 50-A,B; 55-A,B; 60-; 65-; 70-; 75-; 80-;


Taped course – for children younger than 10 years old


Taped course – for children younger than 10 years old with parents


Taped course without age limit


Medium difficulty courses with open start

Note: Organiser might merge some classes in case of low amount of competitors.

Competitors M/W21 will specify in the entry the highest subcategory in which they want to start (E, A, B or C), for competitors registered in Czech orienteering federation according to the ranking on 30th June 2020, then the supernumerary competitors will be moved to lower subcategories. Non-registered competitors, please choose the category accordingly to your abilities or enclose your results or national ranking position. Maximum number of competitors in the subcategories: M21E - 60, M21A,B,C - 75, W21E - 60, W21A,B,C - 75. The organizer reserves the right to change the number of competitors in the subcategories.


E1 31st July 2020 (Friday)

15.00 (interval)

Middle distance

E2 1st August 2020 (Saturday)

10.00 (interval)

Long distance

E3 2nd August 2020 (Sunday)

10.00 (interval)

Middle distance

The overall results will be calculated as the sum of the times of the competitor in all three stages.

Maps: 1:10 000, e5m, author Tom Novák 2019, ISOM2017

Terrain: E1 partly flat with terrain and vegetation details, partly rocky, with higher elevation;

E2 mostly very rugged, sandstone rocky ridges and valleys, mixed forest;

E3 pine well runnable forest with small sandstone details, dense path network.


Czech orienteering federation (ČSOS) clubs register their registered members exclusively via the ORIS registration system.

Unregistered competitors will only submit their entries using the entry form inserted in the documents on the ORIS or the competition website (the organizer will ensure that the submitted forms are processed). Foreign competitors, if they are not a member of any Czech orienteering club, are considered as unregistered and also apply using the registration form inserted in the documents on the ORIS or the competition website.

Pre-deadline: for entries till 15 th April 2020:

The pre-deadline is intended exclusively for foreign and czech elite (E/R license) competitors. It is not possible to register in “pre-deadline” using the ORIS application system. The completed form must be sent to p.kostejn@seznam.cz. Registration of unregistered/foreign competitors is accepted after the payment.

Regular deadline: from 20th April 2020 till 15th May 2020

Registered ČSOS competitors: clubs register their members exclusively via the ORIS entry system. The entry system will be open on 20th April 2020 at 6:30 am and closed 15th May 2020 at 11:59 pm or after the limit of 1000 competitors has been met (pre-deadline and unregistered competitors are included in the limit). In ORIS, the limit for entries will be adjusted according to the number of entries of unregistered / foreign competitors, or in case we will be able to negotiate an increase in the number of competitors.

Unregistered athletes in ČSOS: Unregistered athletes can only make the entry using the form enclosed in the documents on ORIS or the competition website. The completed form must be sent to p.kostejn@seznam.cz. Registration of unregistered competitors is accepted after the payment.

Entry fees:

The entry fee is different whether the competitor is registered in the Czech federation club or not (higher administrative demands).






T10, T10P, T-OPEN, HD -14, HD70-

500/800 CZK

1000/1500 CZK

HD16-65, T-FIT

700/1000 CZK

1000/1500 CZK

The entry fee is for a 3-stage package including parking fee and transportation to E1. It is not possible to apply for individual stages only. The individual stages cannot be transferred to another competitor. Entries after the deadline and in the event centre are possible only in case of unreached limit of competitors and according to the possibilities of the organizer.

SI-chip can be rented for 50, -CZK / person, state in the application form. In case of loss or non-return, a refund of 800 CZK will be required. Unregistered will pay a refundable deposit of 800 CZK / chip, which will be returned after the race.


Unregistered/foreign competitors must pay before submitting the completed application form. Payment will be made to bank account 903779369/0800 (IBAN: CZ39 0800 0000 0009 0377 9369; BIC (SWIFT): GIBACZPX), VS in the form 7DDMMYYYY (payment date).

Registered competitors in ČSOS will make a payment by 30th June 2020 to bank account 903779369/0800, VS in the form 9XXXX, where XXXX is the club number according to the ČSOS 2020 directory, note the abbreviation of the club, the organizer may ask for confirmation of the payment at the registration desk..


  • delivered by 15th May 2020 will be returned 100% of entry fee;

  • delivered by 30th June 2020 will be returned 50% of entry fee;

  • Delivered after 30th June 2020 the entry fee will not be returned.

Presentation: Friday 31st July from 11 am till 1 pm in the event centre, other days from 8:30 am till 9:30 am

Information: More information about the races can be found on competition website ( sandstones.ok-doksy.cz/), further questions please send to e-mail p.kostejn@seznam.cz,

Punching system: SPORTident, readout in the competition centre, SI system units will NOT be set to BEACON non-contact mode; in case of a malfunction of the SI unit, the competitor must mechanically punch the R-fields in the map;

Regulation: In accordance with the valid Czech federation orienteering rules and their regulations for 2020.

Main officials: director: Pavel Koštejn

main referee: Daniel Novák R3

course setters: E1-Jakub Škoda, E2-Tom Novák, E3-Matouš Fürst

Parking: Parking fee for the participants is included in the entry fee and will be organized by the organizers. The entry fee also includes the obligatory bus transport for the first stage, transport by own vehicles will not be possible.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten for preschool children will be set up in the event centre. More information will be in the instructions.

Training: More information about the training map will be published on the competition website.

Accommodation: The organizer does not provide accommodation, some accommodation options will be listed on the event website.

PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION AND PHOTOGRAPHY (GDPR): By registering to this event, each participant agrees to publish their personal data to the extent required by the Czech orienteering federation format in the form of entry form, start list and results on the event website, in the ORIS information system and at the event centre. During the event, news photographs will be taken to inform the public about the race, etc., in accordance with § 89 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code. Furthermore, photographs can be taken here for the personal use of competitors (as a memory of races, for promotion of the orienteering club), especially from the prize-giving ceremony and the finish area. If you do not agree to take pictures, please notify the photographer explicitly.