Bulletin 2

Download Bulletin 2 (Instructions) in pdf format (older Bulletin 1).

DATE: 31.7.-2.8.2020

ORGANIZER: Orientační klub Doksy, z.s.

COMPETITION CENTRE: Parking lot Campsite Borný; 50.5934492N, 14.6514414E; https://mapy.cz/s/henelahero

PARKING: Parking lot by the main road between Staré Splavy a Břehyně), 50.5994214N, 14.6476692E; https://mapy.cz/s/covecumone

Parking fee for the competitors is included in the entry fee and will not be collected. Please follow the organizers‘ instructions.

Bus transport to the first stage was cancelled considering current hygienic situation. The start location was relocated to be better accessible from the competition centre.

The parking lot has limited capacity and is dedicated also for beach visitors. At the weekend, we recommend arriving until 9 am. Please respect other competitors and visitors and try to use the cars' capacity to reduce their amount.

REGISTRATION: Registration office will NOT be open. The instructions, start lists, club start lists and invoices are available in ORIS and/or event website. The instructions and start lists will be displayed in the event centre.

Late entries in the event centre are not possible. Any additional changes (category, SI number etc.) or cancelling your entry can be made only via email with required change (please include your name, telephone number and reason of your message). Any demand for invoices, sending the excess of payment etc. can be also made via email.

Entry fee payment cannot be made in cash, only with a bank transfer to the bank account 903779369/0800.

Excess payments will be returned also with bank transfer, please send an email with your request to p.kostejn@seznam.cz, include the bank account where to transfer the excess.



10; 12A,B; 14A,B; 16, 18; 20; 21E,A,B; 35A,B; 40A,B; 45A,B; 50A,B; 55A,B; 60; 65, 70; 75; 80;


10; 12A,B; 14A,B; 16; 18; 20; 21E,A,B,C; 35A,B; 40A,B; 45A,B; 50A,B; 55A,B; 60; 65; 70; 75;


Ribboned course – for kids younger than 10 years old only; free start


Ribboned course – for kids younger than 10 years old with parents guidance; free start


Ribboned course without age limitation; free start


Medium difficulty course; free start


Competition centre open for competitors from Friday 31st July 11:30am.

31.7.2020 (Friday) E1: middle distance; start 15:00

1.8.2020 (Saturday) E2: long distance; start 10:00

2.8.2020 (Sunday) E3: middle distance; start 10:00

TRAINING Considering current hygienic situation, there will be no organized training. In case of interest for maps for individual training around Doksy, please contact Tom Novák ( prokart@centrum.cz)


E1 31.7.2020 (Friday)

15.00 (interval start)

Middle distance

E2 1.8.2020 (Saturday)

10.00 (interval start)

Long distance

E3 2.8.2020 (Sunday)

10.00 (interval start)

Middle distance

Competitors must be at the start at least 3 minutes before their starting times. Course parameters are published in ORIS and event website.

Overall results will be calculated as the sum of the competitor times in all three stages.

START LISTS : Published in ORIS and displayed in the event centre.

CONTROL DESCRIPTION : Available in the event centre, a different colour for each stage.

MAPS: E1 Pecopala, 1:10 000, e 5m, author Tom Novák 2020, ISOM2017, print Žaket Praha (offset), water-resistant paper Pretex, 240 x 210 mm

E2 Karolína, 1:10 000, e 5m, author Tom Novák 2019, ISOM2017, print Žaket Praha (offset), water-resistant paper Pretex, 240 x 260 mm

E3 Borný, 1:10 000, e 5m, author Tom Novák 2020, ISOM2017, print Žaket Praha (offset), water-resistant paper Pretex, 240 x 200 mm

The maps are generalized with respect to the rocky terrain. Rootstocks are not mapped. In the area of stage 1 and 2, intensive forest harvesting takes place. The maps characterize the situation two weeks prior to the event, any additional clearing will be notified at the start.

It isn’t excluded there is harvesting also during the competition, be careful.

SPECIAL MAP SYMBOLS: brown triangle – platform, blue asterisk (*) – well

TERRAIN: E1 partly flat with terrain and vegetation details (remainder of military activity), partly rocky with higher elevation differences and steeper cliffs;

E2 mainly very broken terrain, sandstone rock ridges and valleys, mixed forest, in the top parts beechwood, in a smaller part flat forest with very good runability;

E3 pine-tree forest with good runability with smaller sandstone details, high path density, partly steep slope with rock cliffs.

FORBIDDEN AREAS : All forest areas except ways to starts, from finish and parking lot. It is forbidden to enter the fences. The event takes place in protected landscape area CHKO Kokořínsko, please be kind to nature.

REFRESHMENTS : In finish in all stages, at stage 1 start, on course in stage 2.

PUNCHING SYSTEM: SPORTident, competitors must clear and check their SI card during start procedure. With SIAC OFF unit, competitors should turn off their SIAC cards as the SI unit on the controls will NOT be set to touchless mode. In case of malfunction of SI unit, use the mechanic system into the R fields in the map.

The read-out will be in the event centre.

RULES: The competitions are held according to the rules of Czech orienteering federation.

MARKED ROUTES: For all stages: from the start line to the beginning of orientation marked with orange ribbons, from the last control to the finish marked with orange ribbons.

For stage 2: All categories cross a road from the control no. 50, marked route with orange ribbons. The crossing will be watched over by the organizers, yet still, pay high attention to traffic.

MAP WITHDRAWAL: Maps will not be collected, please keep fair-play.

TIME LIMIT: 90 minutes for stage 1 and 3, 180 minute for stage 2.

FINISH CLOSURE: After the expiration of the time limit from the last competitor’s start.

DISTANCES: Event centre → Start:

Stage 1 - 2850 m, 0m elevation

Stage 2 - 800 m

Stage 3 - 1500 m

On the way to the start for stage 1 and 2 and from the finish for stage 1, the road is crossed. It will be watched out by organizers, yet still pay high attention to traffic.

Finish → Event centre

E1 - 1800 m (not parallel to the way to start)

E2 - 250 m (not parallel to the way to start)

E3 - 250 m

Parking – Event centre:

800 m

TOILETS : Mobile toilets (TOI TOI) in the event centre; at the start of stage 1 two cabins, no toilets at the start for stage 2 and 3, please use toilets in the event centre.

MEDICAL SERVICE : Competitors start at their own risk. Basic medical service will be provided at the start (605 530932), in the finish and in the event centre. Telephone contact to ambulance emergency is 155.

The competitor pays any further medical service from own health insurance. The closest hospital is in Česká Lípa.

KINDERGARTEN : Kindergarten will be open during the competitions in the EVENT CENTRE. In case of bad weather, a tent will be available. Please, give your kids refreshment and favourite toys.

WASHING: Washbasins in the event centre, lake

FOOD AND DRINKS: In the event centre refreshment tent with beer, soft drinks, meals, in the surroundings restaurant of the camp and restaurants in the neighbourhood.

RESULTS: Preliminary live results will be shown online https://liveresultat.orientering.se/ ; in the limited form displayed in the event centre. Final official results will be available in ORIS and event website.

PRIZE-GIVING CEREMONY : After the end of the last stage, top 3 competitors for each category (except T-FIT and T-OPEN) will be awarded with diplomas and prizes), each competitor in T10P get a small prize. Overall results will be calculated as the sum of the competitor times in all three stages.


Muzeum ČTYŘLÍSTEK - museum of cartoon magazine for kids (entrance 50CZK after showing SI card, otherwise 100CZK)

City castle - (entrance 50CZK after showing SI card, otherwise 180CZK)

Fenomén Merkur in the city gallery at the castle - an exhibit of popular brick-box with playroom (free entrance after showing SI card, otherwise 50CZK)

ZADARMOFEST 2020 - 1.8.2020 from 17:00, beach rock music festival on the opposite shore of the lake, beach Klůček ( https://mapy.cz/s/gojapezare)

WARNING FOR NATIONAL TEAMS MEMBERS – the city of Doksy is an embargoed area for the WOC 2021. National team members (including team officials and family members) are not allowed to enter. The other competitors are not allowed to participate in any training in the area. More information at the WOC 2021 website:


Main organizers: Event director Pavel Koštejn

Main referee: Daniel Novák R3

Course setters: Jakub Škoda (stage 1), Tom Novák (stage 2), Matouš Fürst (stage 3),

Sport director: Tom Novák

Arena Jaroslav Novák

Technical director: Marcel Šmol

Registration: Pavel Koštejn

Start: Lenka Dolejší

Finish: Petra Synková

IT: Otakar Balák, Vít Koštejn

Parking: Marcel Synek

Information: Pavel Koštejn

Prize-giving: Jaroslav Novák

Protests: During the competition in a written form to the main referee with deposit 400CZK, after the competitions with the deposit to the address: Daniel Novák, Elektrárenská 90/4, 101 00, Praha 10 - Michle;

Jury: The members of the jury will be published in the event centre.

Information: Event website ( sandstones.ok-doksy.cz ); in case of question send an email to p.kostejn@seznam.cz,

Due to the unpredictable development of the hygienic situation, the organizers reserve the right to make operative changes to these instructions.

IMPORTANT CAUTION: For all competitors, free entrance to the beach of Campsite Borný is ensured (it is necessary to show SI card). Any of your eventual accommodation, camping or food consumption is of course paid.

GDPR: With the registration to the event, each competitor agrees with the publishing of her/his personalities in the form of entry, start list and result on the event website, ORIS information system, in bulletins and the event centre. During the event, photographies for public according to the Czech law and for the personal use of competitors can be made, especially from the prize-giving ceremony. In case you do not agree with being photographed, tell this explicitly to the photographer.