Sandstone | Pískovce

31.7. – 2.8. 2020

Welcome to Sandstones-Piskovce website of the orienteering three-days competition in the surroundings of Doksy, the competition centre of World Orienteering Championships 2021.


  • 29. 7. 2020 Updated startlist and epidemiologic instructions

    • The startlist was updated (at 11:15am, 29.7.2020) - for several categories, the start times have change, please check your current start times.

    • Due to current epidemiologic situation, please limit gathering in larger groups, especially in the area of start, finish, event centre etc., thank you.
  • 27. 7. 2020 Start stage 1

    • With many coming question about the location of start for the first stage, we publish this information - start for the stage 1 is located in surroundings of the road between Doksy and Staré Splavy, the finish is nearby as well. We will not provide any further detail, so please do not ask question regarding it.

    • With respect to the current situation, we are happy to be able to organize the competitions and necessary changes had to be made. We had to cancel intended bus transport to the start of the first stage and change the planned start and also courses. Thus, the start location is quite far away. We believe that you will understand. Please respect that all the forest area except way to the start and from the finish is the competition area. Please do not park in the surrounding of start and finish.
  • 27. 7. 2020 Competition instructions

    • Competition instructions have been published. Please note that according to the unpredictable development of the hygienic situation we reserve the right to additional changes to these instructions.
    • Selected bests of:
      • there is no event office, please send any required changes and demands to email
      • start for stage 1 on Friday 15:00, 2,8km to start!
      • controls will NOT be set to contact-less mode.
  • 26. 6. 2020 Changes of categories according to entries

    • The entries were close June 23th at midnight.

    • With respect to the number of registered competitors, several changes in categorie were made:

      • Categories D16B, D18B, D20B, H16B, H18B, H20B, H60B and H65B are cancelled, the competitors are moved to appropriate A category.

      • Category H21C is cancelled, competitors are moved to H21B.

      • In H21E category, the number of competitors will be reduced to 50, the remaining competitors will be moved to H21A.
    • The list of entries will be published in ORIS in about a week, the competitors starting in H21E will be selected in the startlist before the race.
  • 13. 6. 2020 Information about additional entries

    • Additional entries will be started June 20, 2020 at 8.00 am and closed June 23, 2020, 11:59pm (or after the limit will be met). The entries can be made only via ORIS and for competitors registered in Czech orienteering federation only.

    • Non-registered competitors can not register anymore.

    • Current limit of entries will be increased to 1094 competitors and 20 substitutes. This limit can be ensured only with special precautions which must be tolerated.

    • Considering the hardly predictable evolution of current situation, the organizers reserve the right to additionaly descrease the limit of registered competitors or even cancel the race completely according to the current hygienic limitations. Crucial for the eventual decrease of the number of competitors will be the order of the entries.

    • The price for the additional entry is according to the bulletin, we recommend to make the payment during the week July 20-24, 2020 in order to avoid their unnecessary refunding.

    Entries in the competition centre WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE.

    • During the competitions, the event office will not be opened. Any late entries in event centre will not be possible, not even change for non-competing friend, not even in case of unregistering of some competitors (for unregistered competitors, the substitutes will start)
  • 20. 5. 2020 Information about the possibility of additional entries

    • The situation suggests that the competitions will indeed take place. Even in terms of the number of starters, it seems that the number can be increased. However, there is no point in raising the limit now when the situation progress can still not be estimated.

    • We preliminarily assume that the additional entries will start on June 20, 2020 at 8.00 am and close on June 23, 2020 at 11:59 pm (or after the limit will be met). The limit for applications will be specified before.

    • Payments: Make any payments from June 3, 2020, when there will be more certain whether the competitions will take place.
  • 22. 4. 2020

    • The limit of the entries has been reached within only one day. Let's all hope that the situation will get good enough to let the competition happen and to welcome many czech elite runners (Král, Nykodým, Vandas, Kosová, Chaloupská and more) during their preparation to WOC 2021 together with complete czech junior team. What a pity that we will not see foreign competitors this year.
  • 16. 4. 2020

    • Due to the pandemic situation, it is now very unclear whether it would be possible to come to Czech Republic from other countries during summer. The regular entries for competitors registered in Czech orienteering federation will be started as denoted in the Bulletin 20th April 6:30am. For others, it will be possible to register further via the entry form, in case of troubles with arrival, the payment can be refunded. The organizers reserve the privilege to increase or decrease the limit of competitors or even cancel the race completely according to the current situation.
  • January/February 2020

  • January 2020

    • We are working on finalizing the competition's bulletin. Also, the first versions of map for all three stages were prepared and handed out to course setters.
  • 12. December 2019